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Friday, November 15, 2002

New friends - [3:39 PM]

Today I finally got the opportunity to meet James Snell and Robert Dodd. RC and I met them for lunch. Great conversation, great food, great guys!

I'm constantly amazed how much talent we have in our little valley.
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Movie line of the week answer - [9:10 AM]

I guess yesterdays line was a stumper? I came in this morning and had one guess, one of my two frequent visitors I guess?

The correct answer is...
The Santa Clause movie poster

The Santa Clause

You know that Tim Allen movie. The one where he becomes Santa because he reads the business card that contractually binds him to the job? Great film. The Santa Clause 2 is out now, it's on the must see list.

Congratulations to our one and only guess, Mr. Robert Dodd. Great job Robert!

Owl Post
Owl Post
Last night around midnight a friendly owl dropped by to tell me The Chamber of Secrets has opened!

The reviews are glowing. I'm very excited about catching this one. The books have gotten better and better with each release and I'd suspect the films will as well. It's going to be hard to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to see it but I think I can manage. Woo-Hoo!
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Thursday, November 14, 2002

Movie line of the week - [8:54 AM]

My wife searched my page to see how many good movie lines I haven't done and I'm amazed what she came up with! I have a hard time remembering what I have and haven't put up here.
Watchin' it on the big screen!
So here's a line from a great family movie from 1994.

We shared a bowl of sugar, and some shots of brown liquor, played with my shot guns, field-dressed a cat, 'looked for women.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

And remember we're less than one day away from the US premier of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets! Yippee! Keep an eye on the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator, it is THE source for HP news. (I think he should rename it the Harry Potter Automagic News Aggregator, don't you? )

HTML Editor Tip

Tyler Love pointed me to an HTML editor I've never heard of called 1stPage from Evrsoft. He's used it to create his old site and says "You should check it out, it sure beats notepad!" Thanks Ty!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Interesting... - [5:08 PM]

Steven Vore: "I'm just not happy with the HTML that it's editor creates." - I don't use FrontPage much for the same reason. When I was creating the template for this page I used FP then removed all the ick I didn't want and replaced it with better stuff. It's still better than doing everything by hand however!

I'll be keeping an eye on what you discover. I've heard nothing but good things about TopStyle.
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Mornin' Y'All - [11:05 AM]

We played our second to the last softball game last night. I must admit I LOVE softball but I'm finding it hard to concentrate on softball these days. You see our annual alumni football game with Woodlake is quickly approaching! We've been practicing for the past couple of weeks and the team is starting to come together. We really need to work hard to avoid last years outcome! I really, really, hate losing to those guys! You can think of this game like your local college or pro rivalry. We've been banging heads since 1918 and it's a real love/hate thing, we just love to hate 'em.

On the tech front

Check out this PressPass article on Office 11 support for XML. Visio is way ahead of the curve with respect to XML. We can save Visio drawings in full fidelity XML TODAY! From the article...
If you're integrating information coming from a database into a diagram, then Visio is the appropriate Office tool. For instance, you can save a Visio diagram as XML and also incorporate data coming from any XML source. This can be done by creating a template with a Visio Solution that uses XML Web Services or with third party XML tools. Visio can persist corporate data in a Visio XML file, using a corporate schema so that the Visio XML document can be mined to retrieve the data from within the diagram.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Portable .NET? - [4:20 PM]

Today at lunch Richard informed me that Rotor(Shared Source CLI) now works on Mac OS X, excellent! Go download it and give it a spin. This implementation builds and runs on Windows XP, the FreeBSD operating system, and Mac OS X 10.2.

New Friend

This morning I got an e-mail from Arnab Nandi with a screen shot of a marketing campaign going on in India to promote Visio. We exchanged a couple of e-mails and it turns out this guy is a weblogger and quite the entrepreneur. Arnab is co-creator of Blogsnob. Read more about it here. Cool stuff.

Oh how true it is

Joel on Software: "When I'm training someone to be a C++ programmer, it would be nice if I never had to teach them about char*'s and pointer arithmetic." - This article just cracked me up. If you're a C, or C++, coder you'll understand exactly what Joel is talking about. Read his earlier article as well, fun stuff. After you've written C code for a number of years the thought of string manipulation through pointers and functions just starts to seem natural and you live with it. String classes have definitely taken a lot of the pain out of the daily routine.

Did you know?

Check out this MSDN article that reveals how the C++ optimizer could leave sensitive data exposed in memory. It's really not the compilers fault but it's something you should be aware of if your code floats passwords around. Remember to keep sensitive data around ONLY as long as you need it, then clean the memory out. Read the article, it's important to know these little details like this.
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Here we go... - [9:22 AM]

NY Times: "Iraq Parliament Rejects U.N. Call, Leaving Decision to Hussein" - Read the entire article. The Iraqi Parliament wants to go to war I guess? The only positive side is they have NO power to make the decision. Only one man can do that, Saddam Hussein. They're apparently going to ask the UN for more Arabs to be involved in the inspections. The games from Baghdad continue.

At this pace we'll be at war by Christmas.

Connection Trouble

My problems between here and certain sites are back. Can't see sites, like, but I can see Scripting News. Weird.
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Monday, November 11, 2002

.NET Case Study - [4:25 PM]

Apparently has developed a nifty publishing system using .NET and C#, and saved a bundle doing it. Read more.

One of the sweetest things about C# and .NET is they give you the benefits of a scripting language and the power to go deep.
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Weblogs - [9:36 AM]

Good morning from the foggy San Joaquin Valley.

I have a dream. It's not a huge dream. I still want a better weblogging system. On Scripting News this morning Dave is pointing out a piece of software from Macromedia called Contribute that sounds pretty cool but it's still missing the boat. Radio and Blogger are VERY good at what they do but they're still not as complete as I'd like, I don't know about Movable Type or Greymatter. I'd like my weblogging tool to include a WYSIWYG site, or template, editor. When I create my posts I'd like to edit in place and see EXACTLY what it would look like on the web. I think that could be accomplished with a few tweaks and twists to our favorite HTML editors BECAUSE of the efforts of Dave Winer and Evan Williams. I'd like to see the FrontPage team step up and natively support the Blogger API along with the MetaWeblog API. It wouldn't take that much to support both API's and some thoughtful design could lead to a GREAT weblog editing tool. Now on the flipside there's a new kid in the blogging kingdom that has a nice familiar metaphor to blogging. PowerBlog uses an Outlook metaphor and currently supports the Blogger API, and I believe they plan on supporting the MetaWeblog API once version 1.0 is completed.

All in all there are some exciting things going on and I'm sure we'll see these types of features rolled into our favorite tools eventually. Until then keep bugging your favorite vendor with ideas, I know they're listening.
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