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Friday, July 26, 2002

A year ago - [9:08 AM]

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Exeter lost one of it's best and brightest.

Here's to you Joanna Joy.
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Movie line of the week answer - [9:03 AM]

I guess yesterday's line was a bit tougher than I thought. I got four answers, most of them coming in really, really late.

Our winner is Mr. Bill Lazar. Congratulations Bill!

The correct answer is...

Raw Deal

The most interesting answer I got was from my brother Jay, he has a great memory.

"I wish I'd read your site sooner. That's good ol' Arnold in Raw Deal. The first time I saw that movie was with you, Doug Gilman, Ben King, and Loren Brooks at the Fox Theater in Visalia the summer I worked a Mayflower. Cool, huh?"

Mayflower, wow, that takes me back. Mayflower was the packing house we worked in over the summer. It taught us to appreciate hard work, because we certainly worked HARD!
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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Yes MSR does some very cool stuff. - [2:48 PM]

John Robb: "Has anyone seen anything that came out of Microsoft R&D that was worth a darn?" - As a matter of fact they create some very WONDERFUL stuff. Have you seen that commercial for BASF (I think that's right) where they say 'we don't make the product, we help make it safer' etc... That's what MSR does. They help us produce better products with their tools. I'd imagine you've seen instances of their work and didn't know about it.
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Movie line of the week. - [8:29 AM]

Cut, cut, cut!Good morning movie fans! Today's line is a great one and comes courtesy of Mr. Jeff Gilbert, thanks Jeff!

Are you ready? Here it is....

You should not drink and bake.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Upgrade complete - [9:51 PM]

Sorry for the outage. The upgrade took way longer than I thought it would, isn't that always the case?

Big thanks to Daved and Chris for all their help tonight, hope you guys got your new UPS up and running.
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Yes, indeed! - [5:06 PM]

First off, Dave I know you have John's ear, but I certainly don't have Steve's! So the question is how do we hook these two up?

Secondly a HUGE thanks to Lawrence for the fix to my Radio problem. That didn't take long at all! It's actually the second time Lawrence has saved my bacon with a Radio "problem" (read as user error!)
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Outages! - [4:28 PM]

Almost forgot... This site is probably going to be offline around 6:30 PM, or so. It's time for some hardware upgrades, a new drive and ram. Hopefully it won't be down for too long.
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Busted Radio? - [4:18 PM]

Well it's not really busted, just getting bad reception. I'm certain everything will work out just fine but I need help. Take a look at my Radio site on the public server. Everything looks fine but read the post and check out the URL to my XML feed for the site, they're incorrect. I want to point back at the Radio Community Server site instead of my other site.

So I started over. I uninstalled Radio, removed all references to it from my machine (that I could find) and re-installed. I even updated Radio.EXE to 8.0.2 and then updated Radio.root, which resulted in 284 new parts being installed. WOW!

Problem is it's still pointing to my other site. Is there something stored in the cloud that needs to get propagated back to my desktop or vice-versa? If you have an idea, or can point me to a solution, please drop me a line. Muchas gracias!
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Mornin' - [8:27 AM]

I like to give a big back slappin' attaboy to the UserLand crew. They've just done a new weblog deal with Salon. Check it out, nice way to get some blog space isn't it! Scott Rosenberg, of Salon, explains why using their service is a good thing.

Hey Dave, when you gonna do a deal with Microsoft? I can see it now, The mind boggles!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Big funny!!! - [4:04 PM]

Quick read and laugh! Enjoy, I know I did!
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The big Palladium conspiracy, woooooo. - [9:15 AM]

Well not really. There's so much concern about Palladium and I'm not so sure what warrants it. Here's the press release, ya I know it's a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo, but I can't see why all the concern. Notice it's a hardware as well as a software thing. So what if a company decides it doesn't want to create computers that take advantage of the technology? You'd probably wind up with a computer that runs an OS without the support, right? It's just like all the DRM talk, if you don't like it, don't take advantage of the support.


Scripting News: "If you get some criticism, that's not a bad thing. Try to listen." - Amen. If folks are beating on the same issue over and over and over it probably means you should reconsider your position, or go to work fixing the 'problem'. Being critical isn't bad. When it gets personal that's when it's bad. If you attack something just because it's from company XYZZY they're going to stop listening to you after a while.
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Monday, July 22, 2002

No rest for the weary. - [9:03 AM]

Sunrise over the San Joaquin Valley!A big good mornin' y'all from the beautiful San Joaquin Valley! It really cool outside this morning and the sun is just a blazin' away. I may have to go out for a nice head-clearing walk and enjoy it while I can. I was supposed to be on vacation this week but I've decided to put it off for another week. Why? Well I'm hoping next week will be a bit slower than this week is going to be. Lotsa stuff going on this week so I won't get to see Kim and the girls enough to enjoy the time off, so I might as well work. Next week, no really, next week.

I love softball, as does my entire family. Last week I managed to play 11 games, 11. That's a lot of softball for one week isn't it? My creaky 34-year old body behaves more like an 80-year old body.

The News

I think I'm going to stop reading newspapers and watching the evening news. It's too darned depressing. From kidnappings, to al Queda, to crooked companies I just can't take it anymore. Saturday was totally depressing. Every article I read in the local paper was bad. Osama and his band of merry nut cases didn't have to attack America to bring it to its' knees, we've done it ourselves through greed. Whatever happened to the American way? Hard work and all of that? We really need to get back to the basics in this country.

I've probably said too much once again, or maybe not enough to really explain myself. The ride is over, time to get back to work.

Howdy Pilgrim

Looks like Mr. Pilgrim has a new domain! Sweet! I love the name.

Go Steve, go!
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