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Friday, April 19, 2002

[10:01 AM]
Interesting Toy Story factoid

Ned Batchelder relayed this interesting tidbit about Toy Story, so I thought I'd share it with you.
"The teapot Sid's little sister uses for the tea party with Mrs. Nesbit (Buzz Lightyear in an apron and hat) is the original University of Utah teapot."
Judging by Ned's site the man is into graphics! A man after my own heart.
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[9:31 AM]
To infinity and beyond!Move line of the week answer

Yesterday's movie line was from Pixar's Toy Story.

Mr. Adam Vandenberg was our winner, congratulations Adam!

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Thursday, April 18, 2002

[2:48 PM]
SOAP/XML-RPC interface to IMDB?

Yes, I for one would LOVE to have one! Bill Lazar, of billsaysthis, posted his summer movie list. I was just thinking about doing this very thing this morning. Wouldn't it be nice to ask IMDB for Coming Attractions? Then you could view the results at your leisure with your own tools, it would also make posting them a snap using a little XSLT.

While we're creating interfaces I would also like one for so I could automagically get movie times without going to their site. Just have some automated thing run out grab the results and format them for me every Friday morning!
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[9:08 AM]
Movie line of the week

Roll film!Are you awake? Have you had your morning coffee? Did you exercise your movie guessing abilities before going to bed last night? Good, you're ready. Here's the line...
One minute you're saving the whole galaxy, the next minute you're Mrs. Nesbitt!
Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

Good luck!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

[1:55 PM]
Oh brother

It's no wonder the State of California wants to start taxing soda sales. [via SlashDot]

Nice sales job slick, stick it to the very state your company resides in. Nice.

Ya I know the state should have know better, but good grief.
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[1:46 PM]

Strongly Typed: "Visual Basic and COM+ Contexts" - For those of you living in COM+ land. Hey, I'll bet those pictures were created with Visio!
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[10:00 AM]
Last year...

I was looking through my archives for this site from a year ago and it was a blogging wasteland. About one post a week! Ick. At this time last year we had just finished Visio 2002 and were trying to let our brains recover.

Visio History; Visio 2.0

In the history of Visio there has only been one Easter Egg that I'm aware of. And that one was put in by Ted Johnson, co-founder and V.P. of Development. Visio was never too keen on Easter Egg's, we were too busy creating the next release of the product. We did have some goofy icons in some of the add-on products, both in the shapes and in the .EXE and .VSL files that supported them, I'll share those on another day. For now here's the "Ego Screen" that would display if you held down both mouse buttons after launching Visio 2.0.

Visio 2.0 ego screen

I'd forgotten that Ted thought of the development of a product like that of a movie production, thus the movie credits look and feel.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

[9:33 AM]
Last nights reading

I still subscribe to some traditional print magazines. One that I get monthly is Business 2.0. Last night I opened the latest copy and found an article called Blog Nation! Give it a gander.

It's funny but in some ways the traditional print article is better than what you get on the web. The ad's aren't as annoying, they're static, and you don't get popups thrown in your face. I guess a popup is akin to those annoying inserts I go through and rip out before reading the magazine but at least they're easy to find and remove right away. When I visit a site with a popup, or pop-under, I NEVER want to go back. Sigh.I'm no pirate matie! Arrrr!

Another article to check out in this issue; it's a good one, is Hollywood vs. High-Tech. It talks about everyone's favorite subject, MP3's and how we're all a bunch of pirates. Hollywood is scared but they really shouldn't be. Tech could be their best friends if they'd just give it a chance. I pay for my CD's but I like to rip them to my hard drive and store the original at home, nice and safe. Is that a crime? I certainly hope not.

It's time for a hungry up-and-comer to change the face of Hollywood. It's time for Hollywood 2002. Embrace the technology, sign a big name artist and publish some of their work on Napster or Morpheus (CAUTION: Lots and lots of pop-unders!). See if it works. I think you'd be surprised.
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Monday, April 15, 2002

[10:15 AM]
Life at the speed of light...

That's what it feels like to be me right now. Busy, busy, busy. Our girls are playing softball now and Kim and I are coaching. I have our youngest daughter's team and Kim has our oldest daughter's team, she's coaching the JV softball team at school as well. It seems like we're always on the move, because we are. That coupled with a work milestone date hitting today has proven very interesting. I'm tired and ready for a vacation. I have to wait 'til June when the girls are out of school then we're going to go hide in the woods for a week. NO GADGETS!

Since life is so busy I haven't had time to work on my little 'side' projects, which include this site. I have some fun services in mind that I'd love to find the time to finish some day.

As far as this site goes the list is long enough to keep me going for a couple of days.

  • Redesign using CSS
  • Add calendar
  • Better archives
  • Site searching
  • RSS feed
  • Selectable 'look-and-feel'
  • Accessibility 'features'
  • Establish RobWorld as a 'sister' story site to ATC.
  • etc...
Heck those items alone could keep me busy for more than a couple of days since I'm not a web guy! Sigh.
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