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Friday, March 29, 2002

[1:23 PM]

Dave thinks Microsoft should get a copy of Radio for each and every employee, I say no. We should go well beyond that. We should license a copy for every employee AND license Manila for both our intranets, and for an MSN weblog community! Now that would be cool! So how is that a win-win? Well UserLand has gone to the trouble to create a great weblogging tool and Microsoft has the OS and web portal to drive it. It's win-win because Microsoft builds a wonderful weblog community and UserLand makes a BIG sale to drive further development of the technology. That's a good thing, it means Radio and Manila both get wonderful attention on Windows which translates to a quicker, more powerful, and more scalable Manila/Radio.

Wouldn't it be sweet to see ""? I, for one, think it would.
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[11:42 AM]

Talk about your mind bombs! Scoble is leaving UserLand!

Good luck Robert, enjoy your time off.
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[9:06 AM]
Movie line of the week answer

The answer to yesterday's movie line is.... Roxanne. This is one of Steve Martin's best films, and my favorite Steve Martin picture. The line comes when C.D. is laying out his 20 better insults for a man with a big nose.

Our winner is Tommy Williams! Congratulations Tommy, and thanks for playing!

Wacky Dreams

Last night I had a dream I was talking to Scoble. What were we talking about? Radio of course. Since it hit the streets back in early January it's been a tremendous success. I purchased a copy not two days after my first peek. Since then UserLand has added a bunch of new functionality! It's an amazing product. Anywho, Scoble and I were talking about the site I'd like to put together with Radio. I've been thinking about doing a DaveNet like site. A place to write stories. In my dream Scoble thought it was a good idea... then I got a cramp... in my left calf! Ouuucchhhhh! At least I remembered the dream.
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Thursday, March 28, 2002

[10:23 AM]
Movie line of the week

Yes it's a bit late, but we had an all hands meeting in my group. Go Visio!

So here's the line, good luck!

Hi, I'm Earl Shive and I can paint that nose for $39.95!
Ok quick, what movie? Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

[2:26 PM]
Fellow 'Softie

A fellow Visioite has joined the blog ranks! Woo-Hoo! Please give a warm welcome to Mr. Michael Murray.

Another happy Radio customer.
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[12:15 PM]
Afternoon Y'All

I've been busy as of late. Very busy. We're coming down to a "Milestone" date and I have lots and lots of code left to sling.

Arrrr, I not be a pirate. Ye sniveling land lover!DaveNet: "Napster wasn't a narrow thing. There were tens of millions of users. It was a cultural phenomenon, bigger than anything Hollywood has ever manufactured. People know what nirvana looks like, we got a great demo, and that's what we want." - There's a ton of discussion amongst bloggers over Eisner's comments. All this talk about theft... Man, am I a thief because I want to rip my CD's to my hard drive? I think not. Why do they want to penalize the entire world instead of going after the true thieves? I think Napster and other's should allow the record labels to patrol their sites and give them permission to remove any questionable content. In the end the pirate technologist will ALWAYS find a way around whatever copy protection scheme the labels come up with.

Where's the rogue record label in all of this? The one that embraces Napster? If just ONE of the big names did it I think they'd be surprised at the response. They'd probably sell more CD's. The question is, would it be worth the financial 'risk' to give it a shot?

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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

[12:46 PM]
Da Law and Da Music

Larry Staton: "The issue at hand is not about protecting copyright infringement - it's already illegal to infringe another person's copyright. Instead, this is about money. Why doesn't Disney simply go after all of the infringers?" - I couldn't agree more!

DaveNet: "Where do I send the money?" [via Scripting News] - Dave talked about this problem almost two years ago. Oy! This thing is dragging on and on and on, just like another case I know of.

It all boils down to greed. Hmmmmm.... Greed.... Now where else have I seen this type of stupidity? Ahem.
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[9:35 AM]

Hey I actually won something! If you knew the Fahrni luck you'd know that we NEVER win a darned thing. I guess since it's my sister-in-laws site I probably stood a better than average chance of winning!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Jay and Lori! Dang has it been 11 years already? Time sure does zip by these days, doesn't it? I know I'm late, sorry guys.
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Monday, March 25, 2002

[6:23 PM]
More Visio history
Visio prototype box art.
So the other day Richard and I were at lunch and somehow my blurbs on Visio's history became the topic. He says he likes 'em, so I thought I'd share some more.

Back in the day prior to Visio 1.0 we had one, and only one, ShapeMaster. Our ShapeMaster was a longtime PageMaker guy, just like most of the early team, by the name of Olav Martin Kvern. We all called him Ole.

When it came time to pick a name for the product we all gathered around and Ted presented us with a bunch of different names we'd paid some company to make up. There were a bunch of SUPER HIDEOUS names in the collection. I can remember two I liked and one other that was by far the worst name I'd EVER heard. Seralin and Visio were the names I liked and the name I hated was Graw. Yes that's right, Graw. Short for Graphics Drawing. Ick!

After we'd seen all the names we were told to vote on the name we liked the most and the name we hated the most. I picked Seralin instead of Visio for my favorite and Graw was by far the worst name of the bunch. After all twenty ballots were collected and counted Ted stood up and told us how much he liked the name Graw. Now you've got to understand that Ted is quite the salesman! After giving his encouraging speech on the virtues of Graw we took another vote. Graw scored MUCH higher than before but I still voted for Seralin because I thought it totally sucked! In the end Visio was the winner and as they say "The rest is history."

Oh, why did I mention Ole? Good question. Between votes and after the Graw support campaign Ole leaned over and said...

"Graw?!? We might as well call it F***!"
I'll let you fill in the "***".
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[1:10 PM]
It's about darned time!

My "little" brother is posting again! It's about time Jay.

He's turning into quite the hack these days. Since starting his new job he's been very busy and hasn't updated his site much. I talked with him a few weeks back and he said they're trying to turn him into a C hacker. Woo-hooo! That would be great since they're going to start using Palm based systems throughout the hospital. Jay has turned into quite the authority on Palm based hospital solutions and has even developed his first application.

We had a funny conversation about programming during that recent phone conversation. I encouraged him to take a class in C if that's what the hospital wanted him to start learning. He replied with "Well I thought about that but I didn't meet the pre-reqs for the class." Here's a guy with a PharmD and he's worried about having the pre-reqs for a beginning C class!

Jay, just go for it! You're the smartest guy I've EVER known.
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[11:47 AM]

Just a quick note. I noticed in my logs that I've had visitors from Ben and Jerry's as well as Charter Communication.

Note to Ben & Jerry's: Anytime you'd like to drop a pint of Chubby Hubby in the mail, I'm open to that!

Note to Charter Communication: I'm DYING to get a cable modem in my house. I've completely dropped my subscription to DirectTV because I'm hoping you guys will come through with a high speed connection! My household would happily subscribe to cable TV as well as high speed internet. 'Nuff said! If you read this please drop me a line and let me know if we have a snowball's chance of getting it. Thanks.
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[9:19 AM]
Mornin' Y'All...

Ahhhh, a nice fresh week.

Ice Age

If you haven't caught Ice Age yet I'd recommend you run right out and see it. My youngest daughter and I caught it Friday night, what a treat! My favorite character in the entire flick was a little fella named Scrat, he's a Sabertooth Squirrel, he spends the entire movie chasing after his nut. Be prepared to laugh and cry!

Miscellaneous Visio stuff

Here are some nice pictures of the Visio building interior from the design firm that put it together.

Does anyone know what a Smith Chart is? I thought it looked interesting so I decided to share it.
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