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Thursday, February 14, 2002

[8:31 PM]
Good Evenin'

We just finished with the evening "shift" at the VSLive booth. I finally got to meet Scoble, unfortunately I was engaged in a conversation so I couldn't talk to him much. BUMMER! I'm hoping to bump into him around the hotel here this evening. I think he was running off to some training session or something??? I dunno....

Richard wrote about his experience here at VSLive. It's been an interesting couple of days. Developers are really fired up about .NET! YEEEEEE-HAWWWWW!

Scoble has a summary of Gates' opening remarks at VSLive.

To a geek this is romantic, why didn't I think of it! DARN!
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[3:16 PM]
Happy Valentines Day!

Hey honey! If you're reading my page Happy Valentines Day, I've been thinking about you all day! I wish you were here or I was there.

Hello from VSLive

I just finished booth duty and my butt is dragging the ground. Time to head back to the hotel and rest for a while, we still have to work tonight from 6-8PM. The show is going quite well. There's a TON of excitement about .NET and the languages.

What was Visio Enterprise is now a part of Visual Studio.NET Enterprise Architect. That's why were here. People are shocked to find you can generate C#, C++, and VB.Net code from a Visio UML diagram! Here's a link to the new stuff.

In a couple of minutes we were able to hook a control on a Visio page to the EightBall sample at When you click the button we put the answer on a shape, simple but you get the idea.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

[4:07 PM]
I'm off...

Gotta go pack for my trip to San Francisco tonight. If you're going to VSLive stop by and say hi to the Visio folks.

Fun game

Here's a little game to keep you busy while you're building code. You can play a game real quick if you don't think to much about it! Thanks for the link Jeff.
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[2:24 PM]
Well now...

It looks as if someone is going to look into the figure skating pairs judging.... Interesting...
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[9:17 AM]
Bad judges, bad, bad!

If you watched the Olympics last night you witnessed a judging mistake of huge proportions. The figure skating pairs competition had a very controversial outcome, one that will be talked about for many years to come. The Russian pair of Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze skated beautifully but made mistakes. Sikharulidze blew a landing on a jump and looked like a rag doll flailing about but after that he didn't make any obvious mistakes. The Canadian pair of Jamie Sale and David Pelletier skated a perfect program. Landed all of their jumps and performed with great enthusiasm, but that wasn't good enough. Why?

In the end the judges picked the Russian pair over the Canadians. It's just one of those thing I'll never understand.

Check this MSNBC story, it pretty much says it all. Take the poll, here's what it looked like when I did.

Sale and Pelletier, you skated beautifully and should have won the gold. If I had a Platinum, or Titanium, medal I'd give it to you. That's how good you were.
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Monday, February 11, 2002

[8:33 PM]
More CSS Horror!

More CSS fun, Mark Pilgrim struggles a bit. This is harder than writing a C++ COM component from scratch (no ATL/MFC), no joke. This is why it costs so stinking much to pay someone to develop a site. Creating a nice looking site shouldn't be rocket science.

Fun Stuff

Richard does an impersonation of Don Box.
This is kinda cool, how'd he do that? Via Cass McNutt
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[11:04 AM]

NetCrucible: "I would have gone further, and pointed out how Linus started with Tannenbaum's work, and how completely crass and dishonorable for these people (RMS, Torvalds, etc.) to claim that they have invented some fantastic new thing when in fact they are wholesale copying the work of Tannenbaum, Aho, etc. and completely failing to give credit." - Joshua Allen's blog is a keeper. He also happens to be a fellow 'softie.
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[8:43 AM]

Since I've been going through this painful transition of my site to CSS I thougth I'd add a new set of links on the left to help others. You'll notice a new category to the left called Web Dev Stuff. It's a grouping of links that has helped me figure out some CSS/XHMTL stuff that I'm attempting to apply to my ATC re-design. Thanks to Michael Bernstein, Steve Vore, Greg Franklin, and Richard Caetano for all the help. I'm still learning...

Start here if you want a quick and dirty CSS layout. Well it's not really dirty, it's just done!
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[7:47 AM]

Wow the Olympics have started! It's hard to believe it's finally happening! Woo-Hoo! GO USA!

We had our own sporting weekend in the Fahrni family. On Saturday both girls had hoops, The Liberty won 5-4 (high scoring game there!) and The Rockers won 14-9 in a HUGE defensive battle. The Rockers pulled off the big upset beating the undefeated Lynx, way to go girls! Sunday was volleyball tournament day in Fresno. The girls were outstanding and didn't lose a single game to take the tournament. I'm VERY impressed with how well they play at this age, between 10-12 years old. They absolutely crushed a couple of teams and had a nice battle with one. They have a long way to go as this was the first tournament of the season.

We were so busy I didn't start my computer ONCE, not once. It's been a very long time since that last happened.
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