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Saturday, January 12, 2002

[8:32 PM]
The Future

I see the future of At the Core, and it's name is Radio 8.0.

It may look like a generic Radio page right now, but I will transform it to what you see today. Only better!

I thought 7.0 was cool but it wasn't cool enough to pull me away from Blogger. Now that I've seen and used Radio 8 I'm hooked. The switch is under way. Fun, fun, fun. The UI on the new release is so sweet. All browser based, like before, only it's been thoughtfully rearranged from what I can see. It makes total sense and is easy to tweak and change to your hearts content! Oh man, oh man, oh man I haven't been this excited about a piece of software in a long time! Yee-hawwwww.
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Friday, January 11, 2002

[3:59 PM]
Good Afternoon

Had a wonderful lunch with Cass today at a little Mexican joint called Colima. Conversation with Cass is always a treat. He's pretty darned fired up about Manila, I know he's totally sold on what Manila can provide. Question is what's he really up to? Hmmmmmm....

Cass is someone I'd like to work with some day, he's almost as full of energy as Caetano (he just doesn't spaz like Richard does!). How does McNutt, Caetano, and Fahrni sound for a company name? Too lawyer'ish?


Things are starting to pick up around here a bit. The first of our deliverables are due very soon so I'm reading documents today, time for some rocking music to keep me awake. Maybe some Creed, P.O.D, or maybe.... just maybe some Ratt! For now I'm going with Switchfoot!

One document down, two to go.
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[10:20 AM]
Blogger is hosed

I've been trying to post off and on for quite a while, I even deleted my previous post think that might be goofed up. Didn't work. DRAT!

Just growing pains, I know....
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[8:59 AM]

Movie line of the week, and the winner is....


The correct answer is: Last Action Hero - You know that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

I guess telling my brother and his wife they can't play is a bad thing.


Congratulations to Joel Spolsky! He won Scripting News' Blogger Of The Year Award! Way to go Joel! Full story on, what else, Scripting News.

I'm on a Mexican Radio

No I'm not talking about Wall of Voodoo. I'm referring to the new release of Radio, Radio 8.0. It a nice new shiny piece of software from UserLand that gives you and incredible amount of control over the publication of your blog. I'm just starting to get into it, but you can bet your buttocks I'll be converting At the Core to Radio. So when will that happen? I'm not sure because I'm picky about how it looks so I'll be tweaking it for a while, but it will happen.

Thanks to Dave, Robert, and the ENTIRE UserLand cult for a great product.


Cass McNutt must be smoking crack.
Richard bought a new book and is fired up about C# and .Net.
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Thursday, January 10, 2002

[2:50 PM]
Asked and Answered

So I made it clear that I've misread what Dave is saying before, and I've done it again. That's ok. I now know what the real challenges are in Dave's question. In all fairness to Larry I didn't actually read what you'd done from your blog, just what Dave had posted. What Larry's done is quite cool to be sure. Dave points out that MS doesn't have a Mac version of .NET nor do we have an integrated CMS, all true. Point taken. Larry also points out something that's EVEN more important! He's not a developer and he was able to write a script that does something useful. There's is the REAL challenge! Asked for and answered by a little application called Radio.

I'm not against you guys, not by a long shot!
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[1:37 PM]
You're kidding... Right?

When Dave says "Try that with .NET" in this post he must be joking, right? Either that or he's waiting to see how many people submit .NET solutions in a certain amount of time. Hey Richard there's a small challenge waiting out there for you. Get to work I'm sure you can have a C# and a VB.Net version for use in ASP in about five minutes.

Maybe there's a bigger challenge there than I'm reading? I've done that before with Dave. Here's how I read it. "Can you do something in .NET that uses SOAP to get the current temperature in your area"? The answer is most certainly yes, it's just software.

So Richard when you have that code ready to go let me, and tell Dave how to do it as well.
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[8:14 AM]
Movie line of the week

Today's movie line was inspired by my brother, Jay. That being said, Jay and Lori, you're not eligible to win this one. So here it is...

"Rubber-baby-buggie-bumpers! Ha! I'll bet you didn't know I was going to say that!"
Ok, quick! What movie! Send your guesses here.

More on site hits

Yesterday I said you could increase your site hits by being linked on Scripting News. Here's what I mean. Masukomi was linked to on Scripting News yesterday, thus the HUGE spike in hits. You'll also notice that this morning isn't starting out too bad either.

Only one site?

Scripting News: "If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could only take one website with you, which would it be?" - Well my answer is actually Scripting! It's the site that makes my mouse finger itchy. I use Google to be sure, but Scripting..... Oooooo-Awwwwww-Ohhhhhh. Yes I may sick, but at least I'm honest.
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Wednesday, January 09, 2002

[12:22 PM]
Riddle me this...

Why is it that only,, and domain names are taken? Is that only a surprise to me? I'd have thought the one letter domains names were LONG gone by now. So run out and register your favorite single letter domain name today, before they're all gone!

HTML is NOT code

Ok Lori here comes the tongue lashing. HTML IS NOT CODE! It's just fancy word processing! Ya I'm a code snob, so sue me.
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[9:04 AM]
How to get more traffic on your site!

I've found a couple of sure fire ways to increase traffic to your site.

#1 - Get Dave Winer, of Scripting News fame, to link to you in a blog entry. Here's an example for ya. was not getting hit too much and POW Dave linked to his site, this morning mind you, and the hits go off the chart!

#2 - If you use Blogger, get Evan to recognize your site as a "Blog of Note". Mine was for a while and folks were hitting me like crazy. I came in one morning and noticed I'd had over 80 hits before 8:00AM. I thought the hit counter was busted.

The future of computing devices?

This *IS* the future of computing devices! Oh just you wait. Yessir, just you wait. Some day you'll be carrying one of these little gems around wondering how you ever got along without it. It'll be just like your first cell phone. One day you were doing fine without one, the next day you're lost without it. Can you imagine carrying your computer around, doing your work, blogging from the coffee shop (I know people already do this!), walking back to your desktop and docking this baby so you can use the full size keyboard and mouse? Visio is going to be ULTRA sweet on these! Folks in the HVAC or Space Planning business are really going to benefit from them.

Mr. Mark Pilgrim

Congratulations Mark! DiveIntoMark was just voted "Best Scripting Weblog for 2001"! Woo-Hoo! I voted for him, did you?

Pirillo Bunch

Chris Pirillo: My iPaq was sold at a darn good price - which will help us eat for a whole week! Don't laugh. I'm not kidding. The cost of living is through the roof in the City. If, that is, you can even afford the roof. That usually costs extra, ya know. - Ouch! Chris I'd get the heck outta Dodge if I were you. While San Francisco is a wonderful place in MANY ways it's not worth the price you pay I.M.H.O. Having said that somone please hire his wife, Gretchen Here's her resume. She must be smart, she uses Visio!

I don't really know much about Chris except that he's pretty darned fun to watch on TechTV.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2002

[4:55 PM]

bool fWorks(false);
fWorks = false;
Scratch Head...
} while (fWorks == false)

So how has your day gone?

On days like this I want to jump out the window. Problem is I'd probably just break a leg or two and have to work anyway. I hate it when I get in a funk like this. Nothing works, NOTHING WORKS! This is enough to drive me to drinking.... Need more coffee!

The last time this happened I couldn't write a decent line of code for a MONTH! That just cannot happen right now, it can't, it can't, it can't... Maybe if I throw myself on the ground and kick and scream for a while it'll make me fell better? Then again... maybe not. Big Sigh.

More on Potter

I found this commentary on Harry Potter today. Enjoy.
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[11:17 AM]
New Site

Last night, with Daved's help (thanks man), the new Fahrni.WS came on-line! Woo-Hoo. I have big dreams for this site. I'm hoping to unite ALL members of the Fahrni family using this as a family portal. If you're a Fahrni and know who is running the reunion site please let me know, I'd like to talk to them. I'd like to offer a permanent home at something like, no need to move it EVER again!

Car woes continue

I don't know if there's some kind of virus spreading around or not. It looks like Adam, of Flangy News, and a friend are both having car trouble. In fact it looks as if we have the same issue Adam. Cracked heads or bad gaskets are really stinky aren't they?!? Our trouble should have been over this week, but NOOOOOOO the mechanics won't have anything to do with actually fixing the problem. There is water in the #6 cylinder, hmmmm, so what do they do? They blow it out and change the spark plugs. Ya, that'll fix it right up won't it. I'm sure I'll be back there in a week with the same problem and this time they WILL fix it! The only good news to come out of this is they've kept the "ticket" open in case it "acts" up again. Oy...


Wish me luck! Tonight is the first night of practice for my daughters and their coach! Their coach just happens to be me so that's why I'm asking you to wish me luck. I have two teams, same as last year, girls from 3rd - 5th grade and girls 6th - 8th grade. It's actually A LOT of fun teaching kids to play a game. The key is to teach the fundamentals and have a great time doing it. We'll do both thank you very much. We may not win every game but the kids will get a strong foundation to build on, I guarantee it.


The backslider in heart will be filled with his own ways, But a good man will be satisfied from above. - Proverbs 14:14

This verse comes to you from VOTD. Enjoy!
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Monday, January 07, 2002

[11:28 AM]
Hey Hon....

Can I have one of these?

New And Improved, now with permalinks!

That's right At the Core is new and improved! Now with permalinks! See the little apple core's at the bottom of each entry? Click on those for a permanent link to a particular blog entry. Oooooo, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhhh... Ya I know, I know it's not rocket science. I just finally bit the bullet and did it!

Oh ya, I've also added a link to the title back to itself so you should be able to come back to this page at any time by clicking on it. I mean from an archive page, not this page because you're already here! DOH!
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[9:47 AM]
Bible Verse

I receive a Bible verse every day from VOTD. If you would like something inspirational to start your day I'd recommend giving it a go. Now I just need to convince them to do RSS so I could stream it to this site!

Here's today's verse:

As a ring of gold in a swine's snout, So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion. - Proverbs 11:22

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[8:15 AM]
Spaghetti and a movie

Well not really. On Saturday night my family and my brothers had dinner together at the Spaghetti Factory in Fresno. The food was great as usual, at least I like it! Anyway... I asked my wife if she would mind riding with Lori, Jay's wife, so he and I could geek-out. Jay's totally into handheld computers and has even developed an application for his domain; Pharmacy. So we load up; Me, Jay and Haileigh (my oldest daughter) in our car and everyone else in their car. Right off the bat the conversation turns to football! That's not a bad thing by the way. So we talk football all the way to the restaurant, about a 45 minute drive. Poor Haileigh didn't said about two words the entire way. When we got there she told mom, "All they talked about was pulling guards, pushing sleds, and hitting line backers." Sorry honey.

Back to it!

I'm back at work this morning after a two week layoff, by choice of course. I have no idea where the time went! It was a whirlwind vacation full of trips here and there just visiting folks. Not big trips mind you, just the across town or next town type trips. It was good though. In fact it was so good I wish I could take another two weeks off. I suspect work would seem the same after a month off, no more work to do, no less either.

New iMac?

So the new iMac is going to look like a luxo desktop lamp? Interesting... So can we expect a Woody or Buzz iMac anytime soon? Remember the Pixar short Luxo Jr? Hmmmmmmm. What are they going to think of next.

Scripting News Weblog Awards, The Golden Cactus!

At least I think he's calling it The Golden Cactus?

Congratulations to Black Hole Brain! It won the EditThisPage.Com Pioneer for 2001 award. Woo-Hoo! Here's the full story on Scripting News.
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